Monday, November 9, 2009

My Morning Commute

Every morning I drive along a section of the Boulevard de France that we call Plant Road. There are a lot of plant vendors on this section of the road. They don't have a right to the land - they're squatters - and their wares are right up against the walls surrounding people's homes.Check out the shed. The roof is plastic tarps and clothes hanging out to dry.
Here's a guy watering his plants. I can take pictures because I'm usually stuck in traffic.
And here is a lettuce lady. I call them lettuce ladies because they bundle up the lettuce in beautiful columns, wrap them up, and stick them on their heads. When the little bus comes, they toss the lettuce up on the roof, and ride off.
That's the lagoon in the background. This area has been cleared to be developed with homes. There are a lot of fields along the lagoon. They water the plants with water from the lagoon, and the lagoon is horribly polluted. It's still pretty.

The other day there was an accident. You can see the car standing practically straight up (nose in the ground) surrounded by rubber-neckers. I thought there was a back-up, but people had simply pulled over, parked, and then walked over to take a look.

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Nopinkertons said...

The lettuce lady picture is great! You should submit it to a contest like Nat Geo Traveler's photo contest.