Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Lovely Home

Well, it's time to show everyone my house in Abidjan.

Here is a shot of the dining area and what I call the "sub-living room." It's two steps lower than the dining area, and it where I watch TV.

This is the regular living room. The internet cord is here, so this is where I am sitting RIGHT NOW while typing this entry. The stool is by the window because I was working on adjusting the way the curtains are hung (long story re: what were these people who hung these curtains thinking?). The lamp is on the floor because there is only one power outlet in this corner and the internet connection is using it. I should just put the lamp in the spare room.

I took those pictures from this balcony. It is known as the Eva Peron Balcony, and no, I did not give it that name. People come and go at Foreign Service Posts, but the houses stay in the housing pool for years. So, when I got here and people asked me where I lived. I'd say, "I'm in Chris Lopez's house." And they would reply, "Oh, the Eva Peron Balcony."

What's up on the second floor, beside the balcony? Well, there is a bedroom.

With a balcony that looks out onto a wall topped with razor wire.

The en-suite bathroom features the toilet paper roll holder IN the shower.
And the shower soap-dish outside of the shower. Note placement of shower rod vs. soap dish.

Downstairs I have three bedrooms. One is used to store stuff.

One is used for ironing.

And one is used by me. Sorry I didn't make the bed.

The best part of the house is my porch. I have been using it a lot more recently. Especially when I was sick it was really nice to loaf in my hammock and read.

I have a second patio built over the garage. I never use this one. But it was very popular at my Friday the 13th - Bon Voyage Virginia party I threw last year. My garage is on the street level, then you walk up stairs to my house and yard.

View of my neighborhood from the second patio.

My yard. I never use this. See the three plam trees that are outside my wall? I call my house, "La Maison de trois palmes." You can also make out my across-the street neighbor's wall (at street level), which gives you an idea of how high I am above the road.

I have been warned that I will have a small apartment in Munich. It will probably only have two bedrooms. I am actually looking forward to that.

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Squirrelette said...

But it IS a lovely home! Truly. (Despite the bathroom fixture placement.) And the Eva Peron Balcony is just priceless, sweetie.

I expect a photo of you waving to the minions below before you flee the country.

(Did Eva ever actually flee her country? I read an entire book on her as a student, and yet I forget the answer to that question.)