Friday, October 15, 2010


The bluest skies you'll ever see are in Seattle....
Anyone but me remember that song? It was the opening for a short-lived TV show, BRING ON THE BRIDES. My sisters were crazy for the star, Bobby Sherman. I was really young and don't remember anything except the theme song.
Anyway, while I was in Seattle the skies were pretty blue. I understand this happens only in the summer during the seven days that I am in town. I was in Seattle from July 8 to July 15 visiting my Seattle (formerly New York City) friends Margaret, Andrew, and their perfect child.

Like Abidjan, I spent a lot of time outside - walking, eating, and drinking. Unlike Abidjan, I was not making friends with thousands of flies. And the water didn't smell bad. Oh, and Margaret and Andrew were there and we had good conversations and watched bad reality TV. The Lord and Master isn't much for conversation, yet.

Then it was off to LA, where I rented a car and drove to Three Rivers to see my friend Carson, her partner David/Dark, their assorted pets, and Sequoia National Park.
Here I am next to a fallen sequoia and a small waterfall:

Here's Carson atop a big, big rock.

The next day we went to a snow-melt fed river to sun and swim. You know what snow-melt means? It means cold. You know what else it means? One heck of a strong current. I am a water person, and I LOVED this, but the cold and the strength of the water really took me by surprise.

Carson and Dark's dog. Who's a good dog? He's a good dog.

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