Sunday, May 23, 2010

Centre Mie N’Gou for the Physically Handicaped

Ready to Represent!
Here I am at the Hotel President in the capitol Yamoussoukro. I'm ready to head out and view more Self Help Projects.

We went to the Centre Mie N'Gou for the Physcially Handicapped. Before the political crisis it was a top rehabilitation facility for the handicapped. Here's the view from the laundry area.

Sister Miryam is working to bring the place back. The Canadians rebuilt the physical therapy room and donated the new equipment. That is the only part that is being used right now by day patients.

The facility is getting ready to take in borders again. The French Military rebuilt the private rooms. The Somalian UN soldiers refurbished the bathrooms. Still looking for a donor to restore the childrens dormitory.

Sister Miryam is quite the fund-raiser. She is absolutely determined to get the center back to it's glory days. Despite the center's facilities going to pot, she had photo albums full of pictures of children and adults who had been helped. Often it's getting a child a leg brace or an adult a wheel chair.

The US has given a small grant to buy educational materials. Here are the school kits that have been purchased. Books, paper, pencils, pens, etc.

And we bought two sewing machines. This is for retraining education - helping the newly handicapped to develop a new skill.

A gift from the American People! I designed this fabulous sign in about 20 minutes when I first got to Cote d'Ivoire. Now that I'm traveling around I keep seeing it. Had I know I would be leaving such an imprint on the country, I might have put a bit more effort into it.

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