Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Govt Means Good Plumbing

Moronou is a small village located on the highway between Abidjan and Yamoussoukro. We gave them a small grant to restore the village's two wells.

Another success story. They got the money, they fixed the wells, the village has water. Not all of our small grants work out so well. Heck, my first trip to see Self-Help projects in the Western Coastal region was not nearly so positive. That's why we do these inspection trips.

Here is the logo I designed on the well wall. It cracks me up that I keep seeing this whenever I go to a Self-Help project. My guess is that they put the walls and gates around the well to keep the animals out.

The first well is in the market place. Here is the street the well is on (you can see it on the left - the blue building.

Here is our driver Henri buying produce in the marketplace. Food is much cheaper outside of Abidjan.

The second well is across the highway and it's main purpose is to supply the clinic and school. This woman was using the second well to fill plastic bags of water. She will probably sell them on the side of the road to thirsty truck drivers and passengers on buses.

Of course we met with the Chief and Village Big Wigs. They thanked us for helping with the wells. We expressed our pleasure at seeing the wells so well (hah!) managed. They said that now they would like a water tank so that they can have pressurized water. We said that sounds like a great idea, and they can apply for another grant which will be reviewed. We asked for permission to take leave. We shook many hands. We then headed back to Abidjan.

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